This latest thesis project is a branched-out project from my previous thesis work, ‘Templatopia-Emphatopia.’ I was interested in the idea of using an existing social media platform and subverting its function without altering its own.

My methodology is called ‘Agora’, which means(in ancient Greece) a public open space used for assemblies and markets. Agora is a discussion methodology that works around the Instagram platform. Contrary to other online places that discussions happen (i.e. Reddit, newspaper comment sections, debate apps, etc), Agora is about exploring the ways to have constructive discussions within Instagram without altering any of its own functions. It is impossible to have deep diving and organized debates in other online communities because people just use them as a vent to let their emotions out. Also, it is hard to keep track of the flow of a discussion, especially when it happens in comment section parts or crude communities like Reddit. Agora is introducing a way to properly contain a valuable debate by creating a secure online environment through Instagram platform. It is a sort of a hack through the platform but not harming any of its existing traits. Implanting a new methodology into an existing platform might be a way to save the energy in making numerous digital platforms as we already live in a hectic world of digital overabundance. 


︎Jisoohan 2020